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A few how-to guides to help you get the most out of Philantro.
Integrating With Salesforce™

Salesforceâ„¢ is one of the most powerful CRMs out there used by businesses and nonprofits alike. Once paired with Philantro, it empowers organizations to streamline their online donations as well as tame their data for prospecting, outreach and relationship building.

Navigate to the Salesforce™ Integration page.Once you've logged into Philantro, locate the Salesforce integration located in the menu at the top.
Where to find the Salesforce Integration on Philantro's Dashboard
Login to Salesforce™ via PhilantroOnce you've logged in, save changes to begin the integration. By default, Philantro assigns default mapping as recommended by Salesforce.

That's all that's required to integration Salesforce. From this point forward, as new donations role in - they will automatically update your Salesforce CRM.
How the login process looks for Philantro's Salesforce Integration
Revoke Salesforce™ PermissionIf you wish to revoke Salesforce authentication permission, simply hit the "Revoke" button in red located on the integration page next to your Salesforce account information.
How the revoke authentication via Philantro's Salesforce Integration
We only provide support for Salesforce recommended mapping.
Need More Control?Once the click "Save Change", the page will refresh and you will be presented with additional field mapping options. This gives you the ability to conform Philantro's syncing to your existing custom Salesforce mappings.
How to assign custom mapping to the Salesforce Integration on Phlantro
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Quick Start Guide

Our integration how-to with examples for widgets, buttons and donation forms links.

Integration Guide Donation Buttons Direct Links Fundraising Widget

Integrating MailChimp™ to sync and send targeted emails to your supporters.

Integration Powerful Segmenting Featured by MailChimp™

Integrating Salesforce™ to sync your CRM as Philantro donations come in.

Platform Integrations

How-to guides to help you integrate Philantro into your existing Content Management System.

WordPress Ghost Blogging Platform
Don't See Your Platform Listed?

Philantro works on virtually all websites and can be implemented using the Quick Start Guide above.

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