Salesforce NPSP

Salesforce Integration Basics

For organizations that wish to sync Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack with Philantro, an integration is provided that syncs transactions and donor data in near real-time with optional one-off and batch syncing. Should an error occur during syncing, mostly as a result of duplication rules, a Sync Error notification is delivered to the email address associated with the Salesforce account.

Order of Operations

Philantro first attempts to find a matching record before creating a new one. This same method is used for Account Households, Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns.

Data Mapping

Philantro provides custom data mapping for organizations that deviate from the standard Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack setup. Despite being able to control what data is mapped to what fields, the data available for mapping is restricted to Salesforce NPSP's default data mapping - i.e. Transaction Data, Donor Data, Household and Campaign.


The Salesforce record type commonly associated with donor household.


The Salesforce record type commonly associated with the donor.


The Salesforce record type commonly associated with the transaction.

Opportunity Contact

The Salesforce record type that ties the contact and the opportunity together.


The Salesforce record type commonly associated with the designation of the funds.

Common Questions

When responding to support tickets, we will always refer to these support topics first and we encourage all organizations to do the same. However, should any issue not be addressed, please write in and we'll gladly respond and perhaps add it here.

How does Philantro know when a contact record exist?

Before creating a new contact record, Philantro attempts to find existing records using the donor's email address, first name.

Can multiple donors belong to the same household?

Yes. If multiple donors give using the same mailing address, Philantro will automatically assign them to the same Account record.

What is the Lead Source?

For all transactions via Philantro, the Lead Source is listed as Philantro.

What is the Opportunity Name?

Opportunities are named after their corresponding Philantro Charge ID.

What if I redesignate a transaction in Philantro?

When you reassign the designation of a donation in Philantro, you will need to manually sync the transaction to update it in Salesforce. It does not happen automatically.