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Wordpress Integration Plugin

This website builder supports all of Philantro's fundraising features.

The Philantro platform is designed to enable you to collect online donations, provide donor self-service, peer fundraising and event ticketing directly on your wordpress website. This approach ensures your nonprofit's brand is forefront at all times and helps foster trust and a frictionless conversion. To achieve this seamless integration, Philantro needs to be able to communicate with your wordpress website. The following integration method enables this constant feedback loop so that when you add donation campaigns etc in Philantro, your donors see those campaigns on your website.

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Official Plugin Method

Wordpress may freely alter their dashboard and menu settings at anytime without notice. If the steps we outline below no longer apply, please consult Wordpress' documentation about Plugin Installation.

  • Log into Wordpress Admin Dashboard then click "Plugins".
  • Click "Add New" then search for "Philantro."
  • Once located, click "Install."
  • Once installed, click "Activate."
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Configure the Plugin

The plugin must be activated for the Philantro settings menu to appear.

Once activated, navigate to the Philantro plugin settings via the menu on the left.

  • Enter your Philantro OID in the field labeled "Organization ID."
  • Save Changes
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Shortcodes and Widgets

It's best to have Wordpress version 4.7 and above for Shortcodes and Widgets.

The Philantro integration for Wordpress includes a series of Donation Form, Event Ticketing and Fundraising widgets. You can find various widgets and shortcodes via the Philantro plugin Settings page or the Page and Post editor when using the Wordpress Block Editor. Here are a few basic shortcodes but with the Wordpress Block Editor, you shouldn't have to use them as the Philantro Plugin make it easy to add them via an intuitive user interface.

  • Donate Button Shortcode
  • [donate label="Donate"]
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  • Donation Bar Widget Shortcode
  • Add up-to four suggested donation amounts separated by a hyphen, with no currency symbols.
  • [donatebar button="BUTTON_TEXT" amounts="AMOUNT-AMOUNT-AMOUNT"]
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  • Fundraising Widget Shortcode
  • Be sure to replace "CAMPAIGN_ID" with a valid Campaign ID.
  • Your Campaign IDs can be found via your Philantro Dashboard.
  • [fundraise id="CAMPAIGN_ID"]
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  • Embedded Donation Form Shortcode
  • [donateform]
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  • Event Ticketing Shortcode
  • Be sure to replace "EVENT_ID" with a valid Event ID.
  • Your Event ID scan be found via your Philantro Dashboard.
  • [event id="EVENT_ID"]
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Sustainable Fundraising Tips and Techniques

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