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Pricing Model

Philantro's price includes the platform and payment processing under a single rate. This single rate provides you with an incredibly robust donor relationship management platform, user-friendly plug and play donation and event ticketing forms, donor life-cycle correspondences, tax-receipting, donor self-service and more. Philantro also provides paid and free integrations that help you extend platform functionality and integration with high-demand software.

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Transaction Fee Schedule

Fees are automatically retained from each successful transaction.

Fees are automatically retained from the transaction during the settlement process; clean and predictable. The byproduct of our pricing strategy is a risk-free partnership that hinges our growth on how effective Philantro has served your organization's fundraising efforts. When you hit a dry spell, we hit a dry spell and when you scale - so do we.

Donations4% + 0.50 (Settlement Currency).
For example, United States - 50 cents, United Kingdom - 50 pence.
Event Ticketing5% + 1 (Settlement Currency).
For example, United States - 1 dollar, United Kingdom - 1 pound sterling.
Disputes$15 (USD) + the disputed amount. This fee is returned in the event a Dispute is resolved in your favor.
RefundsThe fees associated with a transaction are not returned when a transaction is refunded.
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Platform Pricing

The Philantro platform is included - $0 (USD) monthly, $0 (USD) setup.

The Philantro platform is provided without monthly and setup fees with every active account. There are also paid features that extend platform functionality to include text-to-donate, automated mailed donor acknowledgments, salesforce and more.

Donor Management$0 (USD)
Attendee Management$0 (USD)
Donor Self-Service$0 (USD)
Fundraising Widgets$0 (USD)
Transaction Reconciliation$0 (USD)
Campaign Management$0 (USD)
Flexible Reporting$0 (USD)
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Sustainable Fundraising Tips and Techniques

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