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Tax Receipts

All donor-destined correspondences are branded with your organization's logo and information.

Philantro's donation receipts include all relevant verbiage to ensure compliance within the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

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Regional Compliance

Philantro's donation receipts comply with all known requirements across the territories we support (HMRC, CRA and IRS) and conform to your campaign settings. For example, you can create an online donation campaign that is not tax-deductible or one that includes an advantage that nullifies the eligible amount by rendering the remainder less than the required contribution threshold. If that last sentence confused you - congratulations, you don't have it as complicated as some organization's we serve but for those with complex requirements - we're with you.

United KingdomHMRC Gift Aid Guidance
United StatesIRS Compliance Guidelines
CanadaCRA Compliance Guidelines
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Signatures / Signatories

Check with your agency of registration for signature and signatory requirements.

Philantro provides an on-screen signature pad that allows you to digitally sign each automated receipt. The signature and signatory's name is then affixed to all on-screen and emailed donation receipts to ensure compliance. Organizations who opt-in to mailed donation receipts can also append a signature and signatory to each letter template.

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Philantro supports three methods of donation receipt delivery - print, email and postal.

The country of your organization's registration dictates which donation delivery method Philantro supports. In all regions, on-screen, printable and emailed donation receipts are provided immediately after a successful transactions to ensure each donor has proof of their contributions. For organizations that opt-in to automated mailed donation receipts, a service fee applies that covers print, packaging and postage.

Delivery MethodDescription
PrintAfter each successful transaction, an on-screen confirmation formatted for print and download is presented with all information required to satisfy tax-receipt compliance criteria. This donation receipt method ensures your proof-of-contribution obligation is met because, while rare, a donor could mistakenly enter a wrong email address or invalid mailing address preventing receipt delivery otherwise.
EmailAfter each successful transaction, an donation receipt is emailed to the email address furnished by the donor. The emailed donation receipt uses your organization's name and branding.
PostalThis method of delivery is limited to organizations in the United States but we're actively working to provide this service via Royal Mail soon. You would create a custom letter template that is automatically printed, packaged and mailed via national print-centers and United States Postal Service delivery hubs. The fee for this method is billed monthly; based on the number of mailed donations receipts in a calendar month.

You can cut cost by setting a threshold for delivery so that posted receipt are not triggered by small donations. You can also determine whether or not receipts are printed in full-color, black-and-white (cheaper), delivered via Certified Mail or standard First-Class post.
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Reissuing Receipts

Donors can also export a spreadsheet of past contributions via Donor Self-Service.

Compliant on-screen donation receipts ensure your proof-of-contribution obligation is met. However, if a donor has not also received an emailed donation receipt for any reason, one can be re-issued via your Philantro dashboard. During re-issuance, you can override the email address in the event the email address on-file is no longer accessible.

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Philantro's emailed donation receipt template can be completely customized to suit your needs using handlebar templating language. For organizations that opt-in to mailed donation receipts, you control the letter template and criteria under which a letter is dispatched.

Delivery MethodDescription
PrintStandardized and can not be customized.
EmailStandardized and branded by your organization by default but can be completely customized via the dashboard using the Handlebar templating language.
PostalThe letter template is completely customized via the dashboard with optional placeholders for dynamic personalization. For example, you would put "{{first_name}}" and everywhere this placeholder is encountered, Philantro will automatically replace it with the donor's first name etc.
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