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Donor Life-Cycle Correspondences

Philantro helps your fundraising operations scale by automating friendly email follow-ups for common Donor Life-Cycle events. There are no shortage of events worth addressing but within the Philantro platform, we focus on roughly hand-full of important ones via plain-text and organization-branded emails to mitigate exhausting a donor's attention span.

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Notification Setup

You control the "From Email Address", "Subject Line" and content of each automated email.

Life-Cycle Notifications are designed to be customized and personalized. For each notification type, you're responsible for configuring the following settings.

From AddressThis is the email address that's visible to the donor. In most cases, you want this to be your organization's email address.
Subject LineThis is the subject line that will appear in the donor's email inbox.
ContentThis is the content of the email, customized and personalized using merge tags.
PublishedYou can disable an Life-Cycle notification until you're ready for prime-time. Only published notifications are automatically triggered.
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Plain-Text Notifications

You control the "From Email Address", "Subject Line" and content of each automated email.

Plain-Text emails are those you typically write yourself without all the fancy images, background colors and formatting. This type of email is considered more personable, less gimmicky and when automating - the more personable the better. Philantro gives you the power to create a dynamic email template for each life-cycle event that's triggered when donors engage in a specific action.

Life-Cycle EventDescription
First DonationThis email is triggered when a donor successfully makes a donation for the first-time; it's a general welcome - not a receipt. When this email is sent, the send date will be automatically appended to the donor record.
RefundThis email is triggered in the rare event a refund is issued.
Recurring Donation CancellationThe email is triggered when a donor cancels their recurring donation via Donor Self-Service.
Recurring Donation RecoveryThis email is triggered when a donor has updated the payment method of a failed recurring donation.
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Branded Confirmations

For more repetitive life-cycle events, Philantro triggers email confirmations with your organization's branding on a standardized template.

Life-Cycle EventDescription
Failed Recurring ChargeThis email is triggered when a recurring donation experiences a failed charge.
Donor Profile UpdateThis email is triggered when donors update their own information via Donor Self-Service. This serves as a confirmation of the updated information.
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