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Fully Embedded Event Ticketing Form

The embedded version of Philantro Event Ticketing form provides a clean and simple solution for selling event tickets directly from your nonprofit's website. The widget can also be styled even more (font, font-size, color etc) to match your organization's branding but it requires knowledge of CSS. When adding this widget to your website, it's best to add it to a blank page without a sidebar so that it extends the full width of the page.

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Live Example

Philantro's fully embedded Event Ticketing Form is mobile responsive and lives in whatever area it's placed in. You can customize the color, text and DOM styling by uploading custom CSS to your Philantro account.

Integration Code

On Line 1 of the code snippets below, replace "EVENT_ID" with the Event ID.

The following assumes you already you have the Philantro integration working on your website. If you do not, consult the Integration documentation first. Add the following code snippet to the area you would like the fully embedded event ticketing form to appear. If you're using a website builder, consult their respective documentation regarding embedding HTML content.

  • The Philantro integration is a prerequisite.
  • <div id="ph-root" data-event=""></div>
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