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Choosing The Right Donation Form

The Philantro platform includes two distinct online donation form styles. Choosing the right one comes down to two factors - your website's capabilities and how much flexibility you want to provide online donors. Lets go through each to provide some clarity.

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Embedded Donation Form

The embedded donation form was created for organizations who are not able to take advantage of the modal donation form style.

Due to this form living inside a dedicated page that you manage, it requires a few more resources on your end to ensure the donation form matches your website's aesthetics and that adequate steps are taken to ensure everything is user-friendly. If you're going to use this form, be sure to have someone on hand to help with web design. We can also suggest a few web designers we've vetted to help ensure your donation form / page is great shape.

  • Pros
  • You can create a standalone donation page with additional content to foster conversions.
  • If you dedicate resource to styling the embedded donation form to match your site, the donation form can appear seamless with your branding.
  • Cons
  • An additional website page to design and manage.
  • Because this donation form lives within a dedicated webpage that you manage, if you don't style the donation form to match your website - it might appear unsightly.
  • Based on your donation form settings, the form can appear long and overwhelming.
  • If your website is not mobile responsive, the donation form will not be as well.
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