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Google Sites Integration

This website builder does not support all of Philantro's fundraising features.

The Philantro platform is designed to enable you to collect online donations, provide donor self-service, peer fundraising and event ticketing directly on your website. However, with this web builder, the ease-of-use comes with some drawbacks that might make you reconsider. Google Sites only supports the fully embedded donation form and the event ticketing donation form; nothing else. If you are an nonprofit that's starting out, we believe Google Sites is a great option and the embedded donation form should serve you well to get the ball moving. However, as your fundraising grows, you might find other Philantro features useful that Google Sites does not support.

  • Supports
  • Embedded Donation Form
  • Embedded Event Ticketing
  • Fundraiser Widget
  • Does Not Support
  • Modal Donation Form
  • Donor Self-Service
  • Donor Recapture
  • Peer Fundraisers
  • Donation Form URL Variables

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Embed Integration Method

Google may freely alter their dashboard and menu settings at anytime without notice. If the steps we outline below no longer apply, please consult Google Sites' documentation about Embeds.

  • Navigate to and edit your desired web page.
  • Select "Embed" from the page editor. "Embed" is typically located under Insert in the editor on the right side.
  • Select "Embed Code" from the popup.
  • Add the Integration Code in the popup field.
  • Click "Next", then "Insert" to save.
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Integration Code

On line 8 in the code snippet below, replace "XXXXXXXXX" with your Philantro Organization ID.

Add the following code snippet to your code injection section for the footer. This is the most effective way to integrate Philantro. This snippet is how Philantro and your website communicate with one another.

  • <div id="ph-root"></div>
  • <script>
  • (function() {
  • const s = document.createElement('script');
  • const ph = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
  • s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true;
  • s.src = '';
  • window.options = {OID: ''};
  • ph.parentNode.insertBefore(s, ph);
  • })();
  • </script>
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Design Considerations

Now that your donation form is live, it is time to make sure it's the best it can be. Below are a few things to consider to ensure your online donation form is as user-friendly as possible.

  • Give the HTML Embed enough height to allow the form to grow in height without being cut off.
  • Dedicate a full page to the Donation and/or Event Ticketing form and give it a 100% width.
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Sustainable Fundraising Tips and Techniques

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