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Streamline Operations with Donor Self-Service

Philantro's Donor Self-Service is a powerful feature designed to give donors the ability to manage their donor profiles, communication consent, GiftAid eligibility, recurring plans and peer fundraisers - all without ever leaving your organization's website. Donors also have access to easy-to-understand statistics and data exports tools to help them prepare for tax-time.

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Live Example

The following link will create the standard donor login button to allow your supporters to manage their profile information, communication consent, contribution history, peer fundraisers, recurring donations etc. The link is automatically appended to every donation receipt.

  • Replace WEBSITE with your website address
  • #_donorstandard
  • Link Example
  • If your website address was
Live Example

Email Notifications

Email notifications are triggered when donors take communication or fiscal related actions on their profile. A list of standardized notifications are listed below with their respective triggers. All donor facing notifications are branded by the organization's logo, color scheme and contact information.

Contact InformationThis notification is triggered when a donor modifies their contact information. Both the donor and designation donor activity notification recipients are notified via email.
Recurring PlanThis notification is triggered when a donor modifies their recurring plan including. Both the donor and designation donor activity notification recipients are notified via email.
Recurring CancellationThis notification is triggered when a donor cancels an active recurring plan. Both the donor and designation donor activity notification recipients are notified via email.
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Recurring Donations

Donors can manage the campaign designation, donation amount, recurring cadence, recurring plan status (Active or Paused) and lastly - the payment method. Donors may also cancel their recurring donation and optionally leave feedback explaining the reason behind the cancellation.

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Contribution History and Export

Donors can view and export data on all past contributions. Below is a list of data found on donor-created contribution exports.

Receipt IDThe charge authorization ID for the transaction.
AmountTotal charge value of the transaction.
DesignationThe Donation Campaign or Event for which the funds were directed.
Deduction EligibilityFor Donation Campaigns that are not tax-deductible, a flag is placed on the transaction for the donor's records.
Fair Market ValueThe organization reported value of benefits, if any, provided to the donor in exchange for their contribution.
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Reissuing Receipts

Donors have the ability to reissue any receipt from a previous contribution via the Donor Dashboard. While donors can export a spreadsheet of their entire contribution history, this feature is beneficial in cases when proof of an individual contribution with official organization data is required for reasons such as an employer's matching contributions program.

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Contact Data

Donors can modify the core profile information with the exception of their email. A donor's email can only be modified via their contact record on the Philantro dashboard by an account user with administrative privileges. Below are data points that can be referenced via Donor Self-Service as well as their definition.

TitleThe donor's preferred salutation.
NameThe donor's preferred alias.
EmailThe donor's email can not be modified via Donor Self-Service as the email address is tied to their currently logged in identity. However, you may modify a donor's email via their contact record on the Philantro Dashboard if you have administrative privileges.
Phone NumberThe donor's preferred phone number and country code. Donors that are located outside of your country are flagged via the contact record as contacting them via post or phone might incur international fees.
Mailing AddressThe donor's preferred mailing address and may differ from any given billing address furnished during a transaction.
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