Donating By Text Made Simple & Affordable

Philantro makes experimenting with text-to-donate simple and affordable. First, pick the perfect number to represent your nonprofit. Next, assign keywords for donors to text in. Last but not least, promote and pivot.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Simple Setup

Reserve a unique number, designate keywords to text in and promote.

Pick The Perfect Number

Reserve a number that represents your organization for $2 per month.

Affordable For All

Price starts at 2¢ per segment and $2/month per number, no contracts.

Try Something New

Any Nonprofit can experiment with Text-to-Donate

We've always had a stance that Text-to-Donate is only successful in a small amount of cases. Over the years, we've had a few organizations prove us wrong but widespread success is still elusive. Instead of debating about how great or not-so-great Text-to-Donate is, we've decided to add this feature to our toolkit so nonprofits can try for themselves. We've kept it affordable and easy to use, now go forth and change the world.

No Contracts

There are no set-up fees, contracts or cancellation fees. Text-to-Donate might not suit all nonprofits and we want to give all organizations a chance to see for themselves.

Exclusive Phone Numbers

When you purchase an available number, it's exclusively yours to promote and use for the life of the subscription. If you choose not to renew, the phone number is released.

Unlimited Keywords

When you purchase a number, there are no keyword restrictions. All keywords belong to your nonprofit exclusively.

CTIA Compliance

Philantro Text-to-Donate employs various safeguards to ensure CTIA standards are met regarding messaging and handset opt-outs.

Phone Number Cost

$2 / mo.

The cost per month to own a unique phone number for your donors to text-in. You can find the perfect number by area code or phrase. For example, the above number is (510) 822-PUGS.

Text Messages Cost

2¢ / seg

Text-Messages are billed on-demand. Incoming and Outgoing messages are billed by segments at the same rate - clean and simple. A segment of a message is 140 characters. For example, if a message is 280 characters long, it's considered 2 segments and thus 4¢ (2¢ per segment).

Viewpoints from a Nonprofit Insider

Be Sure To Use It Correctly

Text-to-Donate is an easy way to instantly present your donation form without requiring the donor to pull up a web browser, enter your website address and click your donate button. It can be a game changer if used correctly.

I've seen far too many nonprofits using Text-to-Donate the wrong way. They'll share their keyword via email or social network posts but in those instances, it's easier to just click a link to the donation form. There's no need to add an extra step.

The correct way to share your Text-to-Donate keyword is via Digital Marquees, Radio, Video and Print such a billboards, shirts and posters. Think - projector screen at an event or live video feeds on your favorite social network.

You want to focus on environments where it's easier for supporters to text than it is for them to type a website address - that's where the magic happens. Be sure to incorporate QR Codes. Text-to-Donate + QR Codes = Magic.