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Philantro's mission is to enable nonprofits to focus more on their mission and less on logistics.

Innovation is everywhere around us. In just five years, we shop online differently, share our lives online differently, share photos, music and even deliver and complete homework differently. There seems like an endless supply of resources being thrown at these industries.

Now think about the way we donate. Roughly 10 years ago, ™ was the biggest innovation in the nonprofit sector. What started as a secure way to pay for auction items on enabled small-to-mid sized nonprofits to accept donations online. Now what about the last five years or the next five?

It's no longer enough to simply accept donations online. Nonprofits need data, access to automation, data analysis and more to thrive and compete. These have been tools of the trade for large, heavily-funded nonprofits for years while small and mid sized nonprofits got by with a donate button and spreadsheets. This is why Philantro changes everything.

Philantro provides nonprofits with secure donation processing with invaluable data so they can uncover support patterns and giving trends. Philantro provides access to enterprise-level automation so a single person can now conquer task normally reserved for an entire department. Philantro's donation forms are designed from the ground up to increase conversion on any device and save the donor's time. From industry-leading donor retention tools and data visualization to donor self-service - Philantro drives efficiency so nonprofits can focus more on their mission and less on logistics.

Philantro is ever-evolving, powerful yet simple enough for non-techies to master and our sole purpose is to ensure nonprofits accomplish more with less - less time, less staff, less cost.

In one sentence
Philantro levels the playing field for small nonprofits by providing secure donation processing, data visualization and workflow automation at zero cost.
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#Philantro helps small nonprofit operations scale with no risk.
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Interesting Facts
  • Founded in Houston, TX
  • Launched July 2014
  • Took over 2 years to build and launch
  • Philantro retains 4% + $0.50 / Donation
  • Our rate has dropped 1% since launch
  • Philantro saves NGOs avg. 57% on fees
  • 93% of NGOs that tour Philantro, switch over.
  • Opened to Political Institutions May 2016
  • Expanded to Britain June 2016
Platform Statistics
How we managed zero-cost
Philantro enables nonprofits to scale at zero-cost by only retaining 4% + $0.50 from successful donations. In layman terms, no donations coming in - no resources being spent on behalf of the nonprofit.
78% of donations - covered
Philantro offers donors the option to cover the low-cost processing. To-Date, close to 78% of transactions were covered by their donors.
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