About Us

Philantro's mission is to enable nonprofits to focus more on their mission and less on logistics.

Innovation is everywhere - just think about the last five years and how everything has changed. The way we shop, travel and what we share online is now different.

It's no longer enough to simply accept donations online. Nonprofits need data analysis, access to automation and more to thrive and compete in an increasingly competitive landscape. These have been tools of the trade for large, heavily-funded nonprofits for years while small and mid sized nonprofits got by with a donate button and spreadsheets. This is why Philantro changes everything.

Philantro provides access to enterprise-level automation so a single person can now conquer tasks normally reserved for an entire department. Philantro's donation forms are designed from the ground up to increase conversion on almost any device. From industry-leading donor retention tools and data visualization to donor self-service - Philantro drives efficiency so nonprofits can focus more on their mission and less on logistics.

Philantro is ever-evolving, powerful and yet simple enough for non-techies to grasp. Our sole purpose is to ensure nonprofits can accomplish more with less - less time, less staff and less overhead.

Philantro in a single sentence

Philantro levels the playing field for all nonprofits by providing an on-demand-priced platform for donor and donation management.

Philantro in 140 characters or less

#Philantro helps nonprofit operations scale with no risk.

Platform Launched

March 2015

Philantro was founded in Houston, Texas US. There's no place like home but since 2017, Philantro has launched an additional base in London, England.

Organizations Served


By the end of year one, Philantro served only five nonprofits. By the end of year four, Philantro grew to serve nearly 500 nonprofits while losing only five. In our opinion, losing one is plenty enough.

Platform Updates


Philantro is a forever improving platform. Since launch, we've pushed nearly 1,000 updates improving the platform from small items such as fonts to larger items such as enhanced donor data controls.