Sell One-Off Event Tickets with Ease

Philantro's Event Ticketing gives you the opportunity to sell tickets directly from your website on almost any device. On your nonprofit dashboard, keep track of sales with Event Analytics, Ticket Analytics, Attendee Check-In and Donor/Purchaser cross referencing.

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Pass or Absorb Fees

Pass event ticketing fees to the purchaser or absorb the fees to drive conversions.

In-Person or Virtual

Include physical addresses for in-person or web addresses for virtual events.

Multi-Device Design

Event ticketing built to work and look flawless on desktop and mobile devices.

A Central Dashboard

Integrated Event Ticketing that gets better with each update

Philantro's Event Ticketing was a beautiful accident. As we grew, more and more organizations expressed their desire to consolidate event ticketing and donation activity under Philantro. After months of feedback and building, we released a simple event ticketing feature that hosted around 80 events within it's first year alone. Once we realized just how important Event Ticketing was for nonprofits, we continued to improve and released updates to turn our once humble event ticketing in to a competitive event toolkit. There's more in store for our Event Ticketing - much more.

Event Ticketing Rate

5% + $1

Philantro's Event Ticketing rate is all inclusive and already includes credit card processing. You can pass this fee to the purchaser or absorb the cost.

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Analytics and Reporting

Intuitive Event Performance Metrics

Clear and concise event reporting that should suit more operational needs. This is an ever evolving feature as we encounter new ways of interpreting data.

Sales Reporting
Ticket Reports / Segmenting
Attendee Management

Ticketing Options

Flexible Options For The Perfect Ticket

Philantro's Event Ticket provides you with options to craft the perfect ticket types. Create Early Bird tickets that reward supporters who purchase in advance or Late Run tickets at a discount to fill the undesirable seats in an auditorium.

QR Coded Tickets

Tickets are also QR-Coded in preparation for exciting features we're releasing soon.

Adult - Early Bird Ticket
  • Event: 10th Annual Kids Art Fair
  • Start Sell: January 10, 2024 10:00:00
  • End Sell: January 15, 2024 23:59:00
  • Price: 20.00
  • Fair Market: 10.00
  • Quantity: 200
  • Limit: 2
  • Attendee Per Ticket: 1
  • Published: TRUE
  • Currency: USD
  • ...

Attendee Management

No Frills Attendee Check-In

Each event includes an attendee manifest that outlines all purchasers and ticket holders. Check-in attendees as they arrive to track stats on event turnout and to build a list of supporters to follow up with post-event.


Pre-Event Payouts To Help You Host

Not every organization can have large cash reserves to host a successful event. For organizations in good standing, Philantro's Event Ticketing follows our standard weekly deposit schedule with deposit batch manifest and status updates.