Compliant Donation Tax Receipts

Whether you're an organization registered with IRS, CRA or HMRC - your receipts meet the respective standard as proof of a charitable contribution. While most agency requirements overlap, Philantro accounts for the subtleties to ensure the utmost compliance.

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HMRC, IRS and CRA Compliant

All receipts meet UK, US and Canada's standards for charitable contributions.

Customizable Heading

Add a custom background image, logo and messaging to include on all receipts.

Email or Snail Mail

Automate delivery of receipts via email or by post using our mailing integration.

Mutlti-Agency Compliance

Customize Where It Counts

Philantro's donation receipts are semi-customizable; the top portion is controlled by you whereas the bottom portion with transaction details are standardized. You're free to add a background image, logo and a unique message. All other areas are controlled by your account settings to ensure compliance. You are also free to upload custom receipt templates for Mail Merge.

Fully Automated

After every successful transaction, an automated emailed receipt is delivered. Based on your account settings, all applicable data points are included for compliance.

Donor Information

All donor information furnishd during the transaction is recorded on the receipt.

Organization Information

Organization name, respective agency ID, public mailing address and logo are all included on the receipt.

Payment Information

Based on the payment method, all PCI compliant information is included on the receipt. This include Payment Method type, Receipt ID and Payment Date/Time.

Fair Market Value

FMV / Advantage / Benefit based on transaction designation is included.

Custom Receipt Message

Optionally add an ever-present custom message included on the top of each receipt.

Custom Data Points

All custom data points completed during the transaction are included on the receipt.

Eligible Amount Canada Only

Eligible amount is the donation total minus applicable advantage. This amount is record on the receipt for all transaction with an advantage less than the transaction total.

Gift Aid Declaration UK Only

If a donor elects Gift Aid, the declaration is recorded on the receipt for both the organization's and donor's records.

Offline Donation Receipts


When recording offline donations, you have the option to generate and automatically deliver a charitable contribution receipt or forgo it.

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Donation Receipt Guidelines


Philantro models all receipts after charitable receipt guidelines set forth by the regulatory agencies of your country of nonprofit registration. Browse your agency's guidelines to get acquainted.