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A donor's experience doesn't stop at the "Thank You" phase of a donation. Our research shows 93% of donors revisit their emailed donation receipt after completing a transaction. This means your nonprofit has one last chance to make a lasting impression. With Philantro, receipts are designed to ensure it's a great one.

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Philantro Foundation $200.00
Add custom messaging to appear on your receipts. All required tax deduction messaging, based on country of registration, along with your respective tax IDs and contact information are located near the bottom.
Donor Info: Donor Johnson
1234 Main Street
London, England SE16 7TA
Campaign: Food Pantry Fill-Up
Please help us bring wholesome, local-farmed produce to our local area food banks and summer food programs. We can't do this without your support!
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Charged: $200.00 (FMV: $10.00)
Date: November 21, 2022, 6:11 pm
Receipt ID: txn_1FhPkfTi32v32xF7Iu5Mwtu5
Payment: Donor Johnson
2/2033 (Visa)
Please see Internal Revenue Service Publications 526 and 1771 for official Federal government information on charitable contributions. No goods or services were rendered in exchange for this contribution outside of the listed fair market value of $10.00.
Ronald Jenkins, Authorized Signatory
Philantro Foundation
Federal Tax ID: 00-0000000
PO Box 846
Houston, TX 77001-0846