Gift Aid Declaration & Reporting

UK Only Registered Charities Only

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows nonprofits to reclaim the basic rate tax, currently 25%, that donors pay as UK taxpayers. Through a series of eligibility checks, Philantro determines qualified donors and provides a user-friendly manner for securing and managing Gift Aid declaration.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Streamlined Solicitations

Every eligible donors is provided an opportunity to declare Gift Aid.

Eligibility Quantifiers

Philantro employs HMRC's eligibility criteria to ensure a donor qualifies.

Adjustable Declarations

Donors can make adjustments or cancel Gift Aid via Donor Self-Service.

HMRC GA Chapter 3.21

Proactive Relevant Value Analysis

Declaring a Fair Market Value indicates a donor benefit. HMRC invalidates claims if a given benefit value surpasses the applicable threshold. To assist with submissions, Philantro proactively flags declarations with potentially invalidating donor benefits for your personal review.

HMRC GA Chapter 3.9

HMRC Compliant Gift Aid Declarations

While HMRC doesn't provide an official Gift Aid declaration form, standards do exist. Philantro validates donor data as to aid with traceability, creates a compliant declaration for donor / nonprofit records and provides notifications in the event of declaration or donor data changes.

Clear And Concise Solicitation

The donation form follows a logical flow of order that ensures the opportunity to declare Gift Aid is provided to all eligible donors.

Eligibility Quantifiers

Philantro's passive quantifiers screen for eligible donors while an explicit quantifier screens for eligible donations. The two phase approach ensures the donation form flow is streamlined for eligible and non-eligible donors alike.

Adjust Gift Aid Declarations via Donor Self-Service

If a donor wishes to update their Gift Aid declaration, Philantro's Donor Self-Service provides an opportunity for donors to update their name, home address or cancel if they longer pay sufficient tax on their income and/or capital gains.

Retroactive Gift Aid Declarations

If a donor has made an eligible donation without providing a Gift Aid declaration, Philantro provides a way to make adjustments via Donor Self-Service. All qualifying donations within the last four years can still be claimed once a declaration is made.