Why Philantro?

Time is Money

From registration to donation in minutes

Philantro's on-boarding is fast, secure and straightforward. There is no credit card required and the average registration-to-donation time is 30 minutes. Our fastest registration to donation on record is mind-numbing 8 minutes and 11 seconds.

Keep It Simple

Transparent and Simple Pricing

We only make money when you do by retaining a small percentage of each transaction. Credit Card processing is already covered in our rate, so the rate you see is simply the rate you pay. We thrive when you thrive - the perfect partnership.

We loathe ugly donation forms

We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Design

We've all experienced visiting an online store where the design made you second guess their legitimacy. At Philantro, design and donor experience is just as important as functionality. A donation form can tell you a lot about a nonprofit.

Revenge Of The Nerds

Access to Data Changes Everything

We believe in data. Nonprofits, well every business on earth, need accurate data to grow and to make better decisions. We love creating formulas to help nonprofits visualize and capitalize on their donor and transaction data.

Down to Earth

Arguably the world's best support reps

We, the developers, answer every single customer email. When you write in for product support, to suggest a feature or to report a bug - you're literally speaking to the exact same team with the power to do something about it.

We're never satisfied

Philantro is an ever-improving platform

A movie could be made about how Philantro started and that same energy exist all these years later. We're constantly building, releasing updates and each day is like the first day it all started. To the nonprofits teams that don't sleep - we're with you.