Save Time With Donor Self-Service

Donor Self-Service is an important tool in empowering donors while streamlining operations. Donors can manage their contact information, recurring donations, marketing preferences and declarations at their leisure. Focus more on the mission and less on logistics.

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Donors Gain Control

Donors managing their account increases accuracy and reclaims your time.

Multi-Device Design

Our Donor Self-Service cater to donors whether they're at home or on the go.

GDPR Compliance Toolkit

Rights of Access, Erasure, Rectification and Data Portability - satisfied.

Reclaim Valuable Time

Give Donors Greater Control

It's fairly common for donors to ask about modifying recurring donations, updating their contact information or for copies of previous donation receipts - especially around tax time. Philantro's Donor Self-Service is designed to give donors control so you can spend more time focusing on the mission. Donors can update their primary information, view past transaction, update recurring donations and modify Gift Aid eligibility. Philantro's Donor Self-Service also lives on your website - donors give and manage their donor accounts from the same location.

Fully Embedded

Philantro's Donor Self-Service lives on your website. This ensures your website visitors only interact with your brand.

Mobile Friendly

Philantro's Donor Self-Service look and function flawlessly on all smart mobile devices.

Self-Managed Recurring Donations

Donors can modify their recurring payment method, fund designation, next charge date and automatic cancellation schedule. Combined with our Recurring Donation notifications, your recurring donation operations virtually runs itself.

Gift Aid Eligibility UK Charities Only

If a donor no longer pays adequate tax but have previously claimed Gift Aid, they can withdraw their declaration via Donor Self-Service.

Communication Preferences

Data privacy is paramount in building trust with donors. Philantro's Donor Self-Service provide donors with the ability to manage their preferred channels of communication.

Contribution History

Donors can view transaction and resend any donation receipt. This comes in handy around tax time when proof of charitable giving is required.

Donors Prefer Control


From the organizations we serve, this is the percentage of donors with recurring donations that have used Donor Self-Service to manage and update their payment method.

GDPR Consent Compliance

Right of Consent, Access and Erasure

The General Data Privacy Regulation went into effect May 2018 and affects entities based-in or those who explicitly target residents in the European Union. All forms are equipped with explicit calls for consent to communication.

Donor Data Verification

Verified Data Saves Time and Money

Sending an email, making a call and sending a thank you letter all require accurate information. Through tried and true methods of ensuring data integrity, Philantro flags bad data so you can spend more time connecting with addressable donors.