Scan to Donate Is Finally Trending

Anyone with an iPhone or Android based mobile device can use their camera to scan your QR Code and instantly connect to your donation form. Open the camera app on your phone and point it at the code on the right.

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Fully Automated

With each campaign you create, Philantro automatically generates a QR Code.

Simple Maintenance

Philantro automatically routes all scans, even if your website changes.

Free & Sustainable

Scan-to-Donate requires zero to start, use and maintain. That's a 100% upside.

Try Something New

Coca-Cola, Tesco, Nike and others successfully use QR Codes in Marketing - your turn.

QR Codes never really picked up because it required a scanning app. Now, with QR Codes scans being as easy as taking a photo, we're seeing it make a comeback. Scan-to-Donate is a viable alternative to Text-to-Donate but they also work well in tandem.

Will adding a donation QR Code to your print-outs dramatically increase your fundraising overnight? Probably not. Will using every sustainable resource at your disposal dramatically increase your fundraising? A resounding yes.

QR Code Statistics

22 Million

According to survey conducted by Statistia, an estimated 11 million US and UK households will scan a QR Code in 2020. That's 22 million reasons to add it your marketing arsenal.