Mailchimp Integration Basics

For organizations that wish to automatically populate their email newsletter list with donors, Philantro integrates with Mailchimp to sync such data in near real-time.

Lists Routing

Philantro enables organizations to control which list to add a given donor to on a per campaign basis. When we refer to a campaign, we're referencing a donation campaign. So for example, if a donor gives to the Pug Hug Adoption campaign, you can route their email address to the Adoption List in Mailchimp and another list for another campaign.

GDPR & Opt-In

Prior to a donor's email address being routed to Mailchimp, the donor must provide consent to email marketing during their transaction by opting in. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, a constituent must grant explicit consent to email marketing, which means the opt-in button can not be ticked by default.

Managing Consent

Email, Print and Post consent are managed via the respective donor record on the dashboard. If a donor's consent is overwritten by the organization, the donor is notified of their new communication consent.

Synced Data Points

To ensure organization have flexibility to market on a host of data points, Philantro syncs the following data points. These are subject to change as regulations and objectives evolve.

First Name

The Donor's first name for flexible greeting.

Last Name

The Donors's surname for flexible greeting.


The Donor's email address as required for syncing. Should a donor have previously opted-out, Mailchimp may reject the sync.


The Donor's phone number if provided.

Postal Code

The Donor's postal code which enables geolocation targeting when creating email campaign conditions.

Last Transaction

The date in (MM/DD/YYYY) format of the last transaction before syncing.

Transaction Amount

The amount of the last transaction before syncing.

Common Questions

When responding to support tickets, we will always refer to these support topics first and we encourage all organizations to do the same. However, should any issue not be addressed, please write in and we'll gladly respond and perhaps add it here.

Can we opt-in donors by default?

No. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, a constituent must provide explicit consent and opt-in boxes can not by ticked by default.

Can I control which mailing list my donors are synced to?

Yes. For each donation campaign you create in Philantro, you can also designate the appropriate Mailchimp mailing list.

The donor didn't opt-in, does that mean I can't contact them at all via email?

No. You can still reach out to the donor via email but GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act generally provides exemptions with limitations. An organization's legitimate interest may provide an opportunity to reach donors via email as long as it's clearly noted that the recipient of such communication can opt-out.

Does my organization have to use Mailchimp?

No, not at all. You can freely export your donor data to import into an email newsletter platform of your choice. Philantro just happens to be integrated with Mailchimp which makes the process seamless. It's also worth mentioning Mailchimp has over 65% market share making them the leading email marketing platform to-date.

Can I push Mailchimp data to Philantro?

No. Philantro's Mailchimp integration is a one-way sync.

Can I batch sync my donor data?

Yes. You can mass synchronize donor data while near real-time synchronization continues to run in the background.