Exporting Data

Exporting Basics

All data furnished during a transaction is available for the organization to export, with the exception of sensitive payment method information. PCI compliance governs what aspects of payment information is eligible for storage and relay.

Data Point Filters

Exports can return data based on a set of conditions / filters you declare. For example, organizations can run exports to return the data for all Male donors who are Doctors who've contributed $100 or more to the Pug Hug Adoption Campaign from United Kingdom on March 8, 2022. While there are some limitations, Philantro flexible reporting and data exports should suit 99.9% of all analysis requirements.

Available Data Points

Below is a sample of over 25 data points available for reporting and exports.

Start Date

The date in which you would like start examining transactions.

Donor Occupation

A data point for the industry of a donor's occupation.


A campaign is an area of your operations in which the donor has elected their funds to support.

Gift Aid Declaration

Whether the donor has elected Gift Aid.

Transaction Total

A data point for amount of the transaction.

Donor Loyalty

A data point for donors who donated more than once.

Donor Nationality

The donor's country of residence.

Fee Coverage

A data point for donors who have elected to cover the transaction cost.