Registration Basics

Registration for Philantro includes two steps. First, the person representing the organization registering themselves and second, the registered person registering the organization. To comply with applicable Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations, the person creating the account and/or legal representative and the organization itself must be verified by its respective regulatory agency. In the rare event verification fails, more information may be required to ensure a successful registration.

Per usual, all information is relayed over 256-Bit SSL per contemporary security standards.

Organization Registration and Verification

The official organization registration requires a lot more information than the primary user. This information is verified against respective regulatory agencies (IRS, CRA and Charity Commission). It's important to be as accurate as possible but there are cases in which accurate information will not pass verification for reasons beyond our control. In those instance, comply with what's required on the dashboard and contact us should all else fails.

Typical Organization Requirements

Requirements include your Organization's Legal Name - as registered with your respective regulator agency, Identification Number (EIN, Business Number or Charity Registration Number), Public and Official Operating Address, Phone Number, Logo and Website.

Legal Representative Verification

The account creator and the legal representative can sometimes vary based on your organization's structure. In the event the two are different, such as cases where the organization hires a web development agency to set up their account, add the legal representative to the Philantro account so that the information can be relayed securely.

Legal Representative

Requirements include your Legal Representative's First and Last Name, Email, Physical Address and for United States / Canadian registrants - Personal Identification Number (Last Four of Social Security Number (US), Full Social Insurance Number (Canada)). Should verification fail using the information provided, more information such as a copy of your government issued identification may be required.

Common Questions

When responding to support tickets, we will always refer to these support topics first and we encourage all organizations to do the same. However, should any issue not be addressed, please write in and we'll gladly respond and perhaps add it here.

Our Tax-Exempt / Charity status is pending - may we register?

Organizations in US and Canada may register. There's an option to declare your status to ensure your tax-receipts are compliant. For organizations in the UK, at the moment, you must be registered with the Charity Commission prior to registering.

I don't want to disclose my information, is there another way?

No. KYC (Know Your Customer) is required by law for any business engaged in the transfer of funds to combat fraud and illegal activities. In the event the Legal Representative does not wish to be verified, the only alternative is to terminate the registration.