Record & Issue Offline Donation Receipts

Offline Donations need love and compliant tax receipts too. Record and track Cash, Cheque and itemized In-Kind donations via the dashboard with the option to add notes and to designate a specific campaign. You can also filter fiscal and donor reports by donation type.

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Record Offline Donation
Required Data Points
Please note the following donor data points are required.
First Name
Last Name
Email address provided
Optional Donor Data Points
These fields are incredibly helpful for donor record
Phone Number
Street Address
Line 2 (Apt / Floor / Suite)
Postal Code

Designate A Campaign
These fields are incredibly helpful for donor record

Transaction Notes
Enter notes or comments you wish to assign to this transaction. If your donor has provided an email address, you can also include your notes for them to see on the receipt by selecting the option below.
Add Notes to Receipt
These fields are incredibly helpful for donor record
Issue One-Off Receipts

Issue an emailed receipt for offline donations that include the donor's email.

Track Offline Types

Cash, Check, In-Kind, PayPal and a catch-all category called "Other."

Integrated Reporting

Run standard reports on donors and transactions or filter by donation type.

Online and Offline Donations in Harmony

Keep records clean and operations simple by recording Offline Donations online

Funny story - Philantro launched without Offline Donations. The platform, much like PayPal, was designed as a closed ecosystem where we retained a fraction of the transaction to keep Philantro growing; payments through Philantro stayed in Philantro. After months of trying to get our first organization, one found us and later brought four more. Our first five organizations petitioned for Offline Donations and played an invaluable role in our early growth and direction. Faithfully, we went to work building while taking cues directly from the first five. As Philantro grew, so did our Offline Donations feature with even more valuable feedback from the hundreds of organizations to follow.

Granular Reporting

Donation types are required when recording an offline donation. When running reports, optionally filter results by donation type.

Compliant Tax Receipts

If an offline donor furnishes an email address, optionally issue a emailed donation receipt. Mail-Merge is also an option for offline donation receipts.

Itemized In-Kind Donations

When recording In-Kind donations, issue compliant receipts that reflect the item / service provided, the unit of measurement and value.

Campaign Designation

When recording an offline donation, optionally earmark those funds for a specific campaign.

Paid Feature

$9 / Mo.

Philantro retains a flat rate per online transaction to keep us growing. However, with offline donations - there's no way to make that happen. Hence, this is a paid feature billed annually.