Common Questions

When responding to support tickets, we will always refer to these support topics first and we encourage all organizations to do the same. However, should any issue not be addressed, please write in and we'll gladly respond and perhaps add it here. Here's a list of the most common questions we've encountered during on-boarding.

Does Philantro have nonprofit pricing?

Yes. Philantro's pricing is nonprofit pricing as we're solely for nonprofits.

Does Philantro pricing include credit card processing?

Yes. Philantro's rate is all inclusive.

What countries does Philantro support?

Donors can give from any country, there are no restrictions. However, for organizations, the organization must be based in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. We're actively expanding to more countries and more languages. If your organization is currently ineligible - drop us a line and we'll add you to our waiting list for your respective country.

Can donors cover the processing rate?

Yes. Organizations can elect to show the option or remove it. Philantro takes it a step further by also allowing organizations to control the amount of the processing rate to cover. For example, if you would prefer donors cover only 50% of the rate, you can select that option.

Can we migrate our existing donor database to Philantro?

Yes. A one-time fee of 900 USD will apply for up to 10K transaction records.

Can we import our existing recurring donors to Philantro?

Yes. The process is a bit of a dance between Philantro, your current platform, Stripe (our Payment Processor) and the payment processor of your current platform. Philantro supports Weekly, Monthly and Annual recurring scheduling so recurring donors with unsupported giving cycles will need to be adjusted to conform or simply retained by your current platform. The process typically takes a little over a week to complete if all parties are responsive.

Does Philantro have a high-volume rate?

Philantro's pricing is the same for all organizations, big and small.

Can someone give us a call, we have a few questions?

Philantro currently only offers email support but by all accounts, our team is pretty rapid-response during typical business hours. It's one of the way we juggle our growth while keeping cost stable. In the event we're pulling all nighters, which happens quite often, we'll occasionally respond throughout the night.

Can we still register for Philantro without tax-exempt status?

For U.S. and Canada based organizations - Yes. For U.K. based organizations, you'll need to be registered with Charity Commission prior to registering but this restriction might loosen up in the near future. During registration, you have the option to declare your tax-exemption status. If you are not tax-exempt, your donation receipts will adjust itself to comply.

Is there a monthly or set up fee?

No. Philantro only retains a small percentage per successful transaction.

Does Philantro offer compliant tax-receipts?

Yes. Philantro's emailed tax-receipts are fully automated and compliant to the extent of your account settings according to your country of registration.

Can we export donor and transaction information?

Yes. All exports are delivered in Microsoft™ Excel format and includes all the information the donor provides as well as charge response data with respect to PCI-DDS compliance.

Can we schedule a tour of the Philantro platform?

Philantro's tour is self-paced and is generally available 24/7. Simply register online, confirm your email address, create a password and you can start touring Philantro with test data. It's a great way to evaluate the platform with no pressure and at your own pace.