Full Service Recurring Donations

Philantro's approach to recurring donations is simple. Donors are charged weekly, monthly or annually with the option to modify the amount, designation, cadence, payment method and charge date at any time. Our recurring donations are donor friendly and leaves them in control.

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Flexible Recurring Options

Recurring options designed to accommodate almost all donor cases.

Donor Self-Service

Donors can manage their own recurring donation, giving you time to do more.

Optional Reminders

As a courtesy, donors can elect to be reminded one week prior to each charge.

Recurring From Every Angle

Elect Recurring with a Single Click

Directly under the campaign designation field is the tried and true Recurring Donation toggle button. By default, the Recurring Donation option is enabled by the donor. However, as an organization, you can control the default recurring as well as which Recurring Donation cadences to offer - Weekly, Monthly or Annually.

Simple Recurring Options

Tailored for the Vast Majority of Donors

For the vast majority of donors, semi-weekly gifts are not a concern. We've encountered almost every recurring option you can think of, but to ensure an uncomplicated experience - we keep it simple with three options. Donors can choose to give weekly, monthly or annually with a weekly reminder email and more via Donor Self-Service.

Recurring Donations From The Donor's Perspective

The Red Carpet for Recurring Donors

Donors that pledge recurring support are like strong guard rails guiding your path up a steep cliff. For every nonprofit organization, they're the difference between growing and grounding. Philantro's recurring donations and Donor Self-Service were designed from the ground up to cater to this legendary group of donors.

Fully Embedded

Philantro's Donor Self-Service lives on your website. This ensures your recurring donors only interact with your organization's website and brand.

Mobile Friendly

Recurring donors on mobile devices will have the exact same experience as donors managing their recurring donations on a desktop.

Revolving Authentication

On-Demand authentication ensures your donors never have to remember an extra password to manage their recurring donations.

Payment Method Changes

If a donor's credit/debit card expires or a charge is unsuccessful, via Donor Self-Service and your Nonprofit Dashboard, a new payment method could be added to the account to instantly pick up where it left off.

Campaign Designation Changes

Donors can instantly re-designate future recurring donation charges to any campaign via Donor Self-Service without having to create a new donation. You can also take this action via the Nonprofit Dashboard.

Next Recurring Charge Date

If a donor needs to suspend a recurring donation for any reason, the next recurring charge date can be pushed to a future date.

Failed Charges

If a recurring donation charge is not successful, three consecutive attempts are made with an email delivered to the donor inviting them to correct the issue. The Failed Charge notice also includes the issue responsible for the failure such as "Card Declined", "Card Expired" or "Incorrect Card Number."

Recurring Donation Notifications with Donor Self-Service

When a recurring donation lapses, the donor and the nonprofit are notified via email. The failed donation notification contains the charge details, the reason for the failure such as "Expired Card" or "Card Declined" and an invitation for the donor to correct the issue via Donor Self-Service.

Notification Branding - All donor notifications are branded with your nonprofit's logo. Your contact information is also listed for donors who may prefer phone or email assistance.

Donor Self-Service