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Recurring Donations Designed To Keep Donors Connected

A friendly thank you / reminder is emailed one week before each recurring charge. Donors hate surprise charges, but love gratitude.

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Campaigns can also be recurring onlyV
Make It Simple For Donors

There's no shortage of unique approaches to recurring donations.

We agree, some donors might take advantage of setting their recurring donation frequency from monthly to bi-annually etc - but with too many options, come frustration. Philantro's approach to recurring donations is simple. Donors are charged monthly and they have the option to alter their recurring charge date. Our recurring donations are donor friendly, keeps your donors informed and leaves them in control without the added complexities.

Feature Highlights

Points worth remembering about this feature.

  • Simple + Donor Friendly
  • Recurring Donation Reminders
  • Donor Self-Help Saves You Time
  • Maximum Three Failed Attempts

Recurring Donation Reminder

Our thank you/reminder email is delivered to your donor one week before each scheduled donation. It provides the donor with details on their upcoming gift as well as your nonprofit's contact information. View Sample

Donor Self-Service

Donors have the ability to manage their own recurring donation using Philantro's Donor Self-Service. Each donor has a unique link that enables them to manage their account directly on your website. Try It

Have questions? Send us an email at, we respond faster than you would expect.
Common Questions
Can donors change their recurring charge date?

Yes. Using the donor self-help link provided on their receipts and recurring donation reminder. The link is unique to each donor.

What happens when a recurring charge fails?

Recurring donations are tried three times. After three failed attempts, it's permanently removed. Donors are notified before each attempt.

Can my donation campaign be recurring only?

Yes. When creating your campaign, you can set your donation form to recurring only. This will remove the "One-Time" donation option.

How many recurring donations can a donor have?

At this moment, Philantro supports one recurring donation per donor. Each new recurring donation replaces the pre-existing one.

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