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User-centered design and usability are important when interacting with donors. Philantro keeps your nonprofit front and center with online donation form and receipt aesthetics that adopt your branding and usability that caters to all donors on almost any device.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Simple Recurring Donations

One-Time and Recurring donation options tailored from the donor's perspective.

Multi-Device Design

Our donation forms cater to donors whether they're at home or on the go.

Served Securely

Forms are always served via HTTPS and updated as security best practices evolve.

Designed for Donors, By Donors

Donation Forms can tell you a lot about an organization

Its not far-fetched to believe most of us would tolerate a bad online checkout experience if we're getting something we really want - the latest sneakers or a designer bag. However, nonprofits don't have the same advantage because donors gives without goods or services in return! This is why donation form convenience, usability and speed are of the utmost importance. At Philantro, we're designers, data-scientist and researchers but most important - we're donors too. This is our ever-improving idea of donation form perfection.

Fully Embedded

Philantro's donation forms live on your website. This ensures your website visitors are never redirected to another website to make a donation.

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Manage multiple fundraising campaigns from a single donation form.

Recurring / Monthly Donation Options

Recurring giving provides donors with a simple way to donate automatically each month. Philantro's donation forms include three options for recurring donation.

Fair Market Value

Report FMV / Advantage / Benefit based on transaction designation.

Gift Aid Scheme UK Only

Take advantage of HMRC's Gift Aid scheme by determining donor eligibility and obtaining declaration via the Philantro's donation form.

Mobile Friendly

Philantro's donation forms look and function flawlessly on all smart mobile devices.

Communication Preferences

Philantro's donation forms provide donors with the ability to opt-in to your preferred channels of communication.

Simple Pricing

4% + 50¢

Philantro's pricing includes credit card processing. So for example, if you received a $100 donation, you would see $95.50 in your bank account. If your donor elected to cover the cost, you would see $100 in your bank account.

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Tailored for 99% of Donors

Streamlined Recurring Donations

Philantro's approach to recurring donations is simple. Donors are charged monthly with the option to modify the amount, designation, payment method and charge date at any time. Our recurring donations are donor friendly, keeps your donors informed and leaves them in control.

Recurring Donations

Focus More On Your Mission

Give Your Donors More Control

Donor Self-Service is an important tool in empowering donors while streamlining operations. Donors can manage their contact information, recurring donations, pledges, marketing preferences and declarations at their leisure. Focus more on the mission and less on logistics.

Donor Self-Service

HMRC, IRS and CRA Compliant

Compliant Charitable Tax Receipts

Whether you're an organization registered with IRS, CRA or HMRC - your receipts meet the respective standard as proof of a charitable contribution. While most agency requirements overlap, Philantro accounts for the subtleties to ensure the utmost compliance.

Charitable Receipts

Viewpoints from a Nonprofit Insider

Keep Your Donation Page Clean

Many nonprofits fail to understand just how much of an impact the donation form and donation page aesthetics can have on conversions! Donors are giving with nothing in return so their experience should be welcoming and responsive.

Always make sure your donation page is clear of useless clutter, use colors that are pleasing to the eye and leave the dark colors and red fonts to the horror movie posters. Your donation page should invoke trust and transparency - plain and simple.

You want to keep the donation process laser-focused and concise. It's fairly common to see donation forms with a full length questionnaire as though the donor needs us - when in fact, we need donors. Keep things simple on the donation side and get answers to pressing questions through relationship building or one-off follow-up surveys.

With these tips, even if your website is on the rough side, at-least your ability to accept donations is still strong.