Refunds & Disputes

Refund Basics

In the rare event a donor requires a refund, the organization is responsible for the services fees associated with the transactions as they are non-refundable. Every transaction can be refunded via its respective transaction record on the dashboard. Donors will typically see the funds returned to the original payment method within 5-7 business days.

Service-Fee Exceptions

In the unlikely event a refund is warranted as a result of an error on Philantro's behalf, please report the issue and provide proof within 3 days of refund issuance. Should we corroborate the issue, the service fee will be credited to the organization's account.

Disputes Basics

Disputes, also known as chargebacks, are when a donor doesn't recognize a transaction and reports the charge as fraudulent. Banking institutions will side with their client and it is the responsibility of the organization to prove the transaction was made by the account holder and in earnest. At the onset of the dispute, the following fees are levied as well as the loss of the original transaction amount. However, if the organization wins the dispute, mostly in the form of the donor retracting the claim, all associated fees are returned.