Great News - WordPress is Dynamic Link compatible
Bad News - If you are using the WordPress.com version, only certain plans allow plugins.

Getting Started

There is one method for adding the philantro.js library to WordPress. To begin accepting donations via WordPress and Philantro, start by installing the Official Philantro plugin. WordPress can freely alter their user interface at anytime. If what we show is not what you see, please consult their documentation about "Installing Plugins."

Step One

Install Official Philantro Plugin

On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugin and following these steps.

  • Plugin menu item is typically listed on left.
  • Click Add New
    • Search for Philantro in the plugins search box.
    • Once located, click Install.
    • Once install, click Activate.

Step Two

Configure Philantro Plugin

Once activated, proceed to the Philantro plugin settings page.

  • Navigate to the Philantro menu item on the left.
    • Enter your Philantro OID.
    • Save Changes

Step Three

Donation / Event Ticketing Form Short Code

Add the appropriate shortcode to the page / post you would like to the form to appear.

Default Donation Form short code
Campaign Specific Donation Form short code
[donate id="Campaign ID"]

Campaign ID - A unique ID to reference a Philantro Donation Campaign. You can find all your Campaign IDs under "Manage Campaigns" on your dashboard.

Event Ticketing short code
[event id="Event ID"]

Event ID - A unique ID to reference a Philantro Event. You can find all your Event IDs under "Upcoming Events" on your dashboard.


Your donation form should now appear in its default nature.