Dynamic Links

Getting Started

Your donation form's color, default campaign, language (BETA) and theme (BETA) can be customized by adding variables to your website address. Philantro lives on your website, so be mindful of the website address of where your donation form currently reside. When you see the term {{website_address}} - that's the page we're referring to.

Campaign Specific Donation Form

Add the "phc" variable to your website address with a value of the Campaign ID. You can find all your Campaign IDs under "Manage Campaigns" on your dashboard.

{{website_address}}?phc=Campaign ID

Auto-Fill Donation Amount

Add the "pha" variable to your website address with the value of a given whole donaton amount - for example, 10, not 10.50. This feature is useful when creating call-to-actions that show the impact of given donation amount. When a supporter clicks your call-to-action, the donation form is pre-filled with the donation amount.


Default Recurring

Add the "phf" variable to your form embed code with a value of 1. This variable will set the donation form to Recurring by default.


Use More Than One

Use any of the variables together to build the perfect form to suite your needs.

You can only use one of each variable at the same time.
{{website_address}}?pha=Amount&phc=Campaign ID&phf=1