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An all-inclusive donation platform that works just as hard as you. Confidently solicit online donations, track campaign performance, donors and cut cost with on-demand pricing. Focus more on the mission and less on logistics.

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Forever Improving

Benefit from cutting edge features as the nonprofit tech sector evolves.

Actionable Intelligence

Validate your hard work through easy-to-understand analytics and tracking.

Lower Expenses

Cut cost with on-demand pricing. Only a flat rate per transaction, zero monthly.

Fundraising Basics

Features most nonprofits need to succeed.

Philantro is a feature-rich platform designed to help nonprofits, big and small, thrive and operate more efficiently. Take our self-guided tour with test data to get familiar with a few features.


Provide an outlet for your donors by enabling the donation dedication feature. It's the perfect way to learn more about your donors and to cater to those who are giving on behalf of an occasion.


If it can be measured, it can be improved. Analytics and tracking used by multi-million dollar organizations are now in the hands of all organizations. Learn it, use it and grow.

Ever-Evolving Dashboard

Track and measure campaign contributions and supporters from the dashboard. You're also free to move unallocated donations to any given campaign for reporting.


Donors can access their donation history, modify or cancel their recurring donation account and manage their card-on-file directly from your website.


When a recurring donation charge fails due to expired cards etc, Philantro automatically contacts the donor and provides them with an opportunity to edit their card-on-file.


One-time and recurring donations come standard. You can also declare an individual campaign "recurring-by-default" and the form will pre-select the recurring option.


You have access to all data Philantro captures. You can run reports based on a variety of fields. Philantro is a standalone platform but you can export all results as needed.

Donor Records

Donor records are generated and maintained as you receive transactions. Records also show donor communal demographics, social data, giving patterns and much more.

Well Designed
Donation Forms

Donation and Event Ticketing forms designed to simplify transactions. All forms are served securely, can accommodate multiple campaigns, live on your website and are mobile-friendly.

Donation Receipts

Based on country of registration and applicable account settings, Philantro automatically creates and delivers compliant charitable receipts for tax purposes.

Fundraising Recap

Each week, your team will receive an email of your nonprofit's fundraising statistics. From funds raised and campaign spreads to donor demographics - track your progress week-over-week.


Manage pledge obligations with comprehensive progress tracking, auto-reconciliation, campaign ear-marking and more.


Automated contact tagging that helps you build stronger relationships based on quantifiable record attributes. It's the ideal way of analyzing acquisition and retention response.


Compare deposit manifest against charitable tax-receipts for pristine record keeping. This feature only applies to online transaction with automated deposit schedules.

Stronger Donor Relationships

Effortless Donor Management

Philantro captures and catalogs all the donor information you need to build a meaningful relationship. Manage contact information, consent records, donation history and more.

Automated Donor Records
Pledges with Auto-Settlement
Donor Self-Service
Flexible Reporting
Contact Tagging
Tour Donor Management

Donation Form Perfection

Securely Accept Donations on Your Website

Design and usability are important when it comes to interacting with donors. Philantro keeps your nonprofit in the forefront with form and receipt aesthetics that complement your brand and usability that caters to donors on almost any device.

One-Off / Recurring Donations
Run Multiple Campaigns
Mobile Responsive
Accepting Donations

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Gift Aid

5.6% Donor Coverage @ 3% Rate $10 Refunded, 0.01% Loss $100,000 Net Raised
$200.00 Recurring ...

Fundraising Analytics

Nonprofit Business Intelligence

If it can be measured, it can be improved. Philantro's fundraising analytics help you visualize donor patterns, recurring giving trends, campaign performance and more.

Campaign Performance Reports
MoM Recurring Support Analysis
Household & Donor Level Reporting

Focus More On Your Mission

Give Your Donors More Control

Give donors the ability to check their donation history, manage their recurring donation and preferences on their own. Philantro provides donors with self-service tools so you can focus more on the mission and less on logistics.

Donor Self-Service

HMRC, IRS and CRA Compliance

Charitable Tax Receipts

Whether you're an organization registered with IRS, CRA or HMRC - your receipts meet the respective standard as proof of a charitable contribution. While most agency requirements overlap, Philantro accounts for the nuances across regions.

Donation Receipts