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Philantro is purposefully built for growing nonprofits. Tools, features and analytics once reserved for giants are now open to all.

Intelligent + Powerful

Robust and intelligent with features to supercharge your operations. Focus more
on your mission and less on logistics.

Simple Pricing, All Inclusive

$0/monthly and no setup fee. A flat rate per donation, secure PCI DDS compliant credit card processing is already included.

The Perfect Dashboard

Measure, Track and Grow

Gain insight and track results with easy-to-understand analytics. Philantro's nonprofit dashboard includes everything from donor and campaign records, transaction details and more.

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Donor Self-Service

Manage Recurring Gifts + More

Philantro enables donors to check their contribution history, resend themselves any previous receipts and manage their recurring donations - all without ever leaving your nonprofit's website.

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Perfect for Nonprofits
with up to 5,000 donors

Streamlined Donation Forms

A donation experience makes or breaks a donor's trust. Philantro's donation forms are secure, mobile-friendly and designed to encourage conversions.

Forms and Widgets Beautiful Receipts + Reminders

Receipts are in full compliance with IRS' requirements for charitable contributions. Reminder emails are sent one week prior to recurring donation charge.

Receipts & Emails
Automated Donor Records

Learn about your donors with all their provided information at your fingertips. Track everything from addresses, campaigns supported to contribution history.

Recurring Donations

Accept recurring donations and give donors the ability to manage their own donation schedule with our embeded Donor Self Service with one-week out reminder email.

Optionally Pass Processing

Philantro's donate forms give donors the option of covering the processing cost of their donation. This ensures nonprofits retain 100% of the intended donation.

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Philantro Foundation
Name:Mike Jones
Phone:(281) 330-8004
Address:PO Box 846
Houston, TX 77004-0846
Campaign:Food Pantry Drive
Receipt ID:txn_1bdowWbWa
Date:10 / 12 / 2019 4:28 pm
3 / 2017 (Visa)
Recurring: Next Scheduled Charge
January 10, 2020

Philantro Foundation

1121 Delano St
Houston, TX 77003-3713

(832) 964-7248

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