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Matching Gifts Automation

When companies offer to match the donation of their employees - it's referred to as "Matching Gifts." Some companies match up-to 3:1 but the process of securing a Matching Gifts is a bit of a dance between the employee, the company and your organization. Each company has a different set of criteria such as the minimum eligible contribution, maximum contribution, organization type (Faith Based, Poverty, Education etc) and submission procedure that the donor/employee must navigate to secure the matching gift.

Typically, a donor would contact their employer or a third-party matching gifts service to find a company's matching gift information and follow up with the organization. However, organizations can dramatically increase their chances of securing a matching gift by doing the heavy lifting for the donor and providing them with the valuable information upfront; in comes Philantro's Matching Gift records.

Philantro's Matching Gift records allow you to store a company's matching gift criteria and procedure so that whenever an employee donates, that valuable information is automatically available and shared in one step. Philantro also tracks which donors are associated with what company so that you can automate follow-ups to increase your chances of securing the matching gift with little-to-no effort.

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Criteria Management

Each company that offers matching gifts have some form of eligibility criteria and match ratio. Some companies only match donations to certain types of charities while others require a minimum contribution amount to qualify. Philantro's Matching Gift records allows you record any applicable criteria, restrictions and procedures.

Match RatioBy what degree does the company offer to match. For example, 2:1 means the company matches a donation 2-to-1.
Minimum AmountThe smallest amount a company is willing to match.
Maximum AmountThe largest amount a company is willing to match.
Submission WebsiteIf a company has an online submission portal, add the website address to the matching gift record.
Submission FormIf a company has a form for the donor to submit to file a matching gift claim, you can upload the form as PDF.
ProcedureAny information provided by the company to help the donor navigate their matching gift process.
EligibilityBased on the organization type you selected during account registration, is your organization eligible to receive matching gifts. For example, some companies only match gifts to Education focused charities but if you are a Faith-Based organization, you would be ineligible.
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Donor Assignment

Philantro® links a Contact record to a Matching Gift record in one of two ways - metadata proactive or donor inquiry reactive. If a donor uses a non-personal email address, Philantro attempts to match the email domain with the company associated with it.

For example, if Jamal's email address is, we know the email domain belongs to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Therefore, Philantro® automatically links Jamal to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and if a Matching Gift record exists - it's presented to Jamal after he donates.

If Jamal uses a personal email address, Philantro® has no way of knowing the company he's associated with. In this instance, a Matching Gift call-to-action is shown on the donation confirmation and Jamal has the option to search for his employer. If his employer is found with a pre-existing Matching Gift record, it's displayed but if a Matching Gift record can not be found for the company he searched for - the company name is routed to you. You'll then create a new Matching Gift record with whatever information you find on the company's matching gifts criteria and then follow up with Jamal.

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Company Record

A Company record is comprised of three records, the Matching Gift record that keeps tracking of the company's Matching Gift program, the Contact Assigment record which keeps track of which donors are associated with the company and the Claim record that tracks when a Matching Gift claim has been successful.

Together, these key pieces of information enable you to track which donors are eligible for Matching Gifts and allows you to automate follow-ups that increase your chances of securing Matching Gift claims.

Matching Gift RecordAllows you to record the criteria, match ratio, procedures and restrictions for a given company's matching gift program.
ContactsA record of all donors who are associated with the company and thus eligible for Matching Gifts.
Claim HistoryA historical record of successful matching gift claims for the company. When a company fulfills their matching gift obligation, you can add it to the company record to track the company's responsiveness.
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