Automated Year End Donor Reports

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Philantro provides donors with receipts for every transaction, so why Year End Summaries?

Year End Donor Reports provides a clear snapshot for your donor of all their generous support over the calendar year. It's a one-stop shop for their tax-deduction purposes and most important, the last thing your donor will receive from your nonprofit before the new year starts.

Our reports (shown below) share your amazing progress by linking to your nonprofit's annual report (if available), provides clear calls to action for that last meaningful donation and last but not least, provide detailed information so they know their gift is in capable hands.

A well tailored Year End Report can make all the difference for year end contributions.

Brandon Bissoon
2019 Year-End Giving Summary

Thank you for generously supporting Philantro Foundation, we couldn't have done it without you. Below you'll find your 2019 giving summary and please feel free to contact us should anything look incorrect.
Grand Total: $300.00
Donations: $50.00
Events: $250.00 (Total FMV $50.00)
Learn more about Fair Market Value (FMV)
Summer's Founder Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser$50.00
Summer's Founder Walk-A-Thon $100.00
Mugs and Pugs $150.00
Your Average 2019 Contribution: $40.00.
Transaction Breakdown
01/20/2019Visa (7894)$50.00
03/20/2019MasterCard (1014)$100.00
03/20/2019MasterCard (1014)$25.00
03/25/2019MasterCard (1014)$25.00
08/03/2019MasterCard (1014)$50.00
11/19/2019American Express (5562)$50.00
Your Requested Matching Gift Information
EmployerPhilantro Inc.
Match Ratio1:1 (Min: $20 - Max: $10,000)
Contact InfoMike Jones
Community Outreach Liaison
(281) 330-8004
LinksFull Matching Gifts Details
Matching Gifts Guideline
The total goods and/or services provided as of November 19, 2019 11:00PM EST in exchange for contributions totaling $300 holds an estimated Fair Market Value (FMV) of $50.00. Thank you again for your amazing support.

Here's to an even better new year!

Philantro Foundation
(281) 330-8004
Tax ID: 00-7007898
TBD Billed Annually

Delivered directly to Donor via email

Optional Add-On

This feature is an optional add-on that's made available every December. Your year end donor reports will be fully branded by your nonprofit as are all donor correspondences.

Release Date: December 28, 2015

Things to Consider

The only transactions reflected on the year-end report are those processed through Philantro.

You can select the donors you wish to receive year-end reports individually. This helps you take advantage of our automated year-end reports but also gives you the flexibility to use your own reports to send to those who made donations via checks, cash or from other platforms etc.

Fair Market Value (FMV) is derived from what you specify per ticket for your events.

Matching Gifts Information (MGI) isn't available for all donor reports. It's only provided if your nonprofit is part of the MGI pilot program and the donor has requested information.


All reports are delivered to the email address provided by the donor during their transaction.

Year End reports for email addresses that were marked as invalid will not be available.

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Receipt and Notifications

A few samples of donor and nonprofit correspondences included with your account.

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