You're Informed At Every Step

A collection of emails included with every account
Your Donors Receive

Donation Receipt

A branded, standardized IRS compliant receipt is delivered after every transaction via email directly to the donor. View Sample

Event Ticketing Receipt

A branded event ticketing receipt that leaves your ticket holders prepared and impressed. View Sample

Recurring Donation Reminder

One week prior to the recurring charge, the donor is notified with the amount, pending charge date and a link to modify or cancel. View Sample

Donor Thank-You Letter BETA

Fully branded, customized thank-you letters delivered directly to your donor's verified mailing address via USPS - set it and forget it.

Year End Donor Reports

Fully Automated Year End Donor Reports provides a clear snapshot for your donor of all their generous support over the calendar year. View Sample

Recurring Charge Failure

Once a recurring charge fails, the donor is notified via email along with a link to correct the issue. Failed charges are tried three times.

You're also notified when we can't deliver an email to your donor because of an invalid email address.
Your Nonprofit Receives

Copy of Every Receipt

A copy of every receipt is delivered via email to the point of contact for your organization.

Donor Matching Gift Request

When donors enter their employer for matching gift info, it's passed directly to you via email.

Dedication Notification

You receive a copy of the dedication notification received by your donors.

Invalid Email Notification

When a receipt is undeliverable, you're notified via email to contact the donor.

Recurring Charge Failure

You receive a copy of recurring charge failures. After three in-a-row, the charge is canceled.

Deposit Tracking Notice

When funds have been released to your bank, you receive a notification with deposit details.

Dedication Recipients Receive

Dedicated Donation Email

If a donor dedicates their donation, the recipient will receive an email branded by your organization and a link that allows them to view dedication card on your website.View Basic Dedication

Inspirational Dedications BETA

The craziest photos go viral, why shouldn't inspirational dedications? This is why we're piloting dedications that allow donors to uploads photos to share their stories.View Image Dedication

IRS Receipt Compliance Explained
Charitable Contributions, Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements

A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any single contribution of $250 or more unless the donor obtains a contemporaneous, written acknowledgment of the contribution from the recipient organization. A nonprofit that does not acknowledge a contribution incurs no penalty; but, without a written acknowledgment, the donor cannot claim the tax deduction. Although it is a donor's responsibility to obtain a written acknowledgment, an organization can assist a donor by providing a timely, written statement containing the following information.

Full Details

The full set of requirements are available in the following publications provided by IRS.

IRS Publication 1771

Organization Name

Your nonprofit's name must be presented in full on receipts and the like.

Donation Declaration

Statement that no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the contribution, if that was the case.

Amount of Cash Contribution

The amount the donor contributed in cash must be presented in full.

Faith Based Declaration

Statement that goods or services provided in return for the contribution consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits.


Campaign names must be presented when contributions are designated by the donor.

Fair Market Value

Description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution.

Applies only to current 501(c)(3)s. Receipt compliance ultimately relies on the information you provide.
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