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Based on your unique needs, use any combination of the options outlined below to keep your campaign in compliance.

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A Little Background

Philantro was crafted for nonprofits - a sector we love and know very well. Suddenly, over the course of a few months, close to 30 political campaigns registered for Philantro but we were ill prepared. Nonprofits are our passion, but so is creating a positive impact and that's how our Political Donation Form was born.

We sent an open email to all our political registrations asking for a wishlist and every single response talked about "Compliance." With the help of those that responded, we broke down compliance guidelines into simple settings that can be used to meet any state's regulations.

Covered Regulations

If we've missed anything, please let us know.

  • Simple + Donor Friendly
  • Clear Donor Certifications
  • Automatically Eligibility Check
  • Limit Amounts By Age-Group
  • Limit By Election Cycle or Year
  • Employer / Occupation Requirement
  • List Definition of Terms
  • Donor History Check

Contribution Limits

This allows you to limit that amount a donor can contribute during a period of time you determine. For Example, limit contributions to $250 / Per Election Cycle.

Residential Address Verification

Donors are required to certify the address they furnish is their residential address per state/federal requirements.

Donor History Check

Philantro will automatically limit a donor's incoming contributions to make sure their total giving history doesn't go over your pre-set contribution limit

Donor Age Limits

Age requirements and contribution limits vary by state. With Philantro, you set the limits for minors or restrict them all together.

Employer / Occupation Requirement

Donors are presented with a friendly explanation and fields to enter their employer and occupation. There's also an option that allows donors to select unemployed.

Have questions? Send us an email at, we respond faster than you would expect.
Questions You Might Have
What happens after the contribution limit expires?

Philantro's donation forms will automatically stop accepting donation. Every transaction will be declined with a friendly explanation.

What if my donor is unemployed?

If your state requires this information, donors are given the option to declare themselves unemployed - else the form will require it.

Does contribution limits include the transaction fee?

No. Every dollar counts so contribution limits are only based on the net contribution of your donor.

Example Donation:
The limit is $100 / Our transaction fee is 4% + .50¢.
Your donor gives $100, the net is $95.50
You donor can still give $4.50 more.

Are limits based on Transaction or Overall Giving?

Contribution limits take into account the entire giving history of a donor relative to what date-range your regulations require.

What information is included on the reports?

Every bit of information your donor provides, with respect to PCI compliance, is on your report and can be exported via Excel™.

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