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The Philantro platform gives you low-cost, streamlined access to text-to-donate features to help your organization experiment on a shoestring budget. There is a one-month commitment per provisioned phone number(s) and no restrictions on keywords with fully customizable auto-responses.

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Phone Number Provisioning

The phone numbers you provision (max 5) are your organization's to use exclusively.

You can provision a max of 5 dedicated phone numbers from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Australia. This gives you the flexibility to solicit and cater to donors in those respective regions without international text-message fees. Another example would be an organization in the United States launching a text-to-donate campaign across different cities using provisioned phone numbers from their respective area codes.

Phone numbers provisioned from the United States and Canada are 10DLC by default; 10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code.

The phone numbers you provision can be provided at random or you can search through available numbers by short keyword (i.e. 555-555-GIVE), by country and/or by area code to suit your needs. Phone numbers are leased in 1-month increments but once a number is decommissioned (released), the phone number can not be re-provisioned until a 6-month clearing period.

Provisioned phone numbers are your organization's exclusively, not shared by multiple organizations on the Philantro platform.

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Text Keywords

Your custom keywords are shared across all of your provisioned phone numbers.

The benefit of dedicated phone numbers is that you have free-range to create customized keywords without restriction. Your keywords are shared across your provisioned phone numbers; meaning a donor in Great Britain and a donor in the United States can text the same keyword to the phone numbers you have in those respective countries.

Keywords are not case-sensitive, must be between 4-10 alphabetic characters and must be assigned to a specific fundraising / donation campaign. When a donor uses your keyword, a customized auto-response is triggered along with a link to the donation form for the designated campaign.

Donors can also append any amount to a keyword to auto-populate the donation form with a desired donation amount. For example, if your keyword is "DONATE" and you've assigned it to the "Back to School" donation campaign, a donor can freely enter "Donate $100" and the donation form will be pre-populated with a $100 donation amount designated for the Back-to-School fund.

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Auto Responses

A max of 275 characters per message, emojis are currently not supported.

An auto-response is the reply message that is triggered when a donor uses a specific keyword. Based on the donation campaign associated with your keyword(s), a link to the mobile-friendly donation form will be automatically appended to your message.

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