Integration Help Guide

A few how-to guides to help you get the most out of Philantro.
#GivingTuesday Widget Guide

If you look below, you will see our #GivingTuesday widget as it will appear on your website.

We created this widget to help our nonprofits effortlessly capitalize on incoming website traffic. You can determine the goal amount and the donate button label, but the look is standardized to match the universal #GivingTuesday's campaign. Here's to an even better #GivingTuesday!

Customizing the #GivingTuesday Widget: You can modify the fundraising goal and button text to meet your needs.
You can place this code anywhere after the <body> on your website.
<div id="philantro-giving-tuesday"
data-goal="<Goal Amount (i.e. 10000)>"
data-label="<Custom Text>"
data-color="<Custom #HEX Color Code>"

Code for Live Example as shown on this page.

<div id="philantro-giving-tuesday" data-goal="10000"
data-label="Donate Today" data-color="#d21d3d"></div>
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Friendly Heads-Up

Our new #GivingTuesday widget only applies to non-political accounts. But we're 100% sure you girls and guys already knew that.

Email Support

We strive to respond amazingly fast, but please be aware of our time zone differences. We're fairly responsive between the hours of 8AM - 5PM Central Standard Time, Monday - Saturday.

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Quick Start Guide

Our integration how-to with examples for widgets, buttons and donation forms links.

Integration Guide Donation Buttons Direct Links Fundraising Widget

Integrating MailChimp™ to sync and send targeted emails to your supporters.

Integration Powerful Segmenting Featured by MailChimp™

Integrating Salesforce™ to sync your CRM as Philantro donations come in.

Platform Integrations

How-to guides to help you integrate Philantro into your existing Content Management System.

WordPress Ghost Blogging Platform
Don't See Your Platform Listed?

Philantro works on virtually all websites and can be implemented using the Quick Start Guide above.

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